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Aluminum wood finishes siding                

Luxor Architectural is proud to introduce its new line of Aluminum wood finish siding.  We have more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing aluminum products.


This product is the result of 8 years of R&D. 

  •  Alternative to conventional wood: Our product combines the strength of aluminium and the durability of our finish.  It is the best answer against the harsh elements of our climate. 
  •  Spectacular wood finish:   The addition of our products to you project will reflect in an increase of value of your house.
  •  No maintenance: Practically no maintenance. Our siding will require no re-painting, they will not crack or rotten.
  •  Easy to install: Our standard 12 or 19 feet length will result in less assembly.  We estimate at 30%, the reduction in installation costs.

Luxor Architectural offers a 20-year warranty of the painted surface on the material.

The finish of the super durable coating will not flake, blister, whiten or discolor, which could affect the appearance of the finish.

Luxor Residential,
Industrial and Commercial

Our products fulfill their mission as well in a residential, industrial or commercial environment.
  • Modular board 12 inches and more
  • 6 inch boards
  • 4 inch boards​

New items:

  • Snap type external corner molding

Our values of integrity, honesty and exceeding customer expectations are reflected in the service we offer.


For 3 generations, we have been working hard to offer the best product possible.